“It is always a delight to welcome pupils from Stanmore Montessori to St Margaret’s school, Bushey. Stanmore Montessori prepares the pupils thoroughly for the Reception year, enabling them to come to us with a thorough foundation in social skills, confidence and critical thinking. The breadth of the curriculum at Stanmore Montessori ensures that the children arrive at St Margaret’s able to further their academic development and take advantage of the education we offer.”

Head of Junior School, St Margaret’s School, Bushey

“Northwood Preparatory School is delighted to welcome children from Stanmore Montessori who are keen to learn as well as being polite and sociable.”

Head Teacher, Northwood Preparatory School

“Stanmore Montessori prepares children well for entry into North London Collegiate.”

Head of Junior School, North London Collegiate

“We are very happy to welcome children from Stanmore Montessori because they are well adjusted and fit into Manor Lodge so well.”

Head Teacher, Manor Lodge

“We are delighted to accept boys from Stanmore Montessori who flourish well at our school.”

Head of Juniors, St John School

“St Helens is delighted to welcome girls from Stanmore Montessori.”

Head of Juniors, St Helens

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